We love to host visitors at the studio and
occassionally hold small events.

We offer 3 options for printing your own designs, we also offer full printing services.

Flash Printing

Skill Level: Any level

Details: We print your design on the spot and briefly explain the process as we go. Files must be prepped ahead of time.

Best for: A first exposure to risograph for those familiar with setting up print files, printing multiple copies of a simple design, quick turnaround

︎︎︎See below for details or to schedule a time slot


Skill Level: Any level

Details: In a one on one (available for up to 3 participants in the same group) workshop, we'll guide you through the entire riso process - you can come with a design or we can work on one together, you'll learn how the machine works and print your own.

Best for: A more in-depth learning experience, learning about file set-up, trying something new with an experienced instructor

︎︎︎See the Workshops page for more information and to book

Studio Time 

Skill Level: Experienced with Riso

Details: We will give you a brief overview of how our particular riso machine works, but work time is independent, as we'll be working on other projects. We'll schedule this based on our project calendar/availability. Must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.

Best for: Printing a project you already have prepped, making tests prints, trying out different settings/color combos

*Unless you have taken a workshop with us in the last 6 months, everyone who wants to book studio time must first take a Riso Refresher course for $75/45 min.

︎︎︎See below for details or email us at ︎ hello@secretrisoclub.com to book time

Flash Printing

︎︎︎ We update flash printing appointments at the beginning of each month. If there are no available appointments check back next month.

We offer flash printing to make riso printing accessible to all. You can book a 45 minute session for us to print one design in 1-4 colors. *

**Download our riso Guidelines here

*Please Read all instructions & information before booking the appointment.

If you want to learn more about riso and to operate the machine yourself, please check out our workshops!

Flash printing guidelines:

Suitable for all levels / beginners to expert
  • Files need to be prepped ahead of time or sent 2 days ahead for a $20 file set-up fee
  • One design only (one sheet 11x17” or 8.5x11)
  • Bring your own paper or you can use what we have in stock at $0.40 / sheet
  • Posters/one sheet zines only (one sided)
  • 1 - 4 color max
  • 50 copies max
  • $10 non-refundable deposit required
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will need to cancel your appointment

Flash Printing cost sliding scale:

︎︎︎Prices are offered on a sliding scale, please pay what you are able to.
︎︎︎ 1-2 colors, up to 20 copies: $35-$55
︎︎︎ 1-2 colors, up to 50 copies: $55-$75
︎︎︎ 3-4 colors, up to 20 copies: $65-$100
︎︎︎ 3-4 colors, up to 50 copies: $120-$150

If you need us to prepare your file for printing, we can do so for an extra $20 fee
Paper: $0.40 / sheet or bring your own

 You can book an appointment for next available date here ︎:

Studio Time

Studio time is booked 1-2 weeks in advance and subject to our availability.

We offer Studio Time for both Riso and screen-printing

We offer studio rental time for experienced riso operators on our MF-9450 dual color risograph. Studio time is rented on an hourly basis. We will give a basic overview of how our particular model works and be in the studio for trouble-shooting. Paper, masters,  are not included in the hourly rate.

Studio time is for EXPERIENCED risograph users. If you have not used a riso before or haven't had much experience, please book a workshop or a flash printing appointment. If more instruction is needed apart from a 5-10 minute basic overview of our machine, additional fees will be incurred. 

Unless you have taken a workshop with us in the last 6 months, everyone who wants to book studio time must first take a Riso Refresher course for $75/45 min.

We have a 4 color press with microregistration, a flash dryer, and a conveyor dryer as well as an assortment of plastisol and water-based inks. 

For screen services, we have a 23x36 UV LED exposure unit and 24” film positive printer as well as a washout sink. You may choose to have us expose the screen ahead of time so you can use your time in studio to print.

Studio Time Rate:

$45 x hr
$4 x master
Paper: $0.40 / sheet

$45 x hr
$1 x print
$50 screen set-up fee (includes film printing, exposure  use of screen & screen clean-up)

*We have limited paper in stock - We encourage users to bring their own paper
**For larger projects using more ink an additional fee will be added on a case by case basis

If you are interested in renting studio time, please contact us at
︎︎︎ ︎ hello@secretrisoclub.com

Riso Studio Time Packages

Riso Studio Time Packages

$175.00 - $550.00

Purchase Studio Time Package

  • Riso Refresher + 2 hours (all at once), up to 10 masters included: $175 reg $205

  • Riso Refresher + 4 hours (can be broken up), up to 15 masters: $275 reg $315

  • 5 hour package (up to 20 masters): $275 reg $305

  • 10 hour package (up to 40 masters): $550 reg $610

*All studio time packages include proofing paper. Hours must be used within one year of purchase