Ten African Shops

Photography by Rubén Montesinos
Printed by Club del Prado
Published by Handshake Books
In the summer of 2019, I traveled with my sister and father to Zanzibar, a small island northeast of Tanzania. It was my father's 60th birthday, and my sister and I gave him the trip. The experience was very beautiful, especially to see how a society with far fewer resources lives with values strongly rooted in nature and its traditions.
    – Rubén Montesinos
    A compilation of photographs of letterings and signs of African shops on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Edited by Handshake and Club del Prado. A project by Rubén Montesinos, printed in three-color risography by Mateo Barbuzzi in Buenos Aires in January 2021.

8”X11”/ 24 pages / 3 inks