Secret Riso Club is running a drive to raise funds for the purchase of pads and tampons.

Your purchase and donation will go to the purchase of menstrual supplies for Bushwick residents through
Bushwick Ayuda Mutua.

People with uteruses have to bear the additional cost of hygiene supplies. In normal times, this cost is a burden to families in our neighborhood, but the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the issue and highlighted the need for accessible and free hygiene supplies. Bushwick Ayuda Mutua, a volunteer run mutual aid group empowering, helping, and uplifting Bushwick residents to provide support when other systems of community support failed, has received thousands of requests for menstrual supplies throughout the pandemic, many of which they are unable to meet. The proceeds from the purchase of these items will go directly to purchasing menstrual supplies for Bushwick residents.

Tabu Poster︎︎︎

The word “tabu” (“taboo” in modern English)
refers to something socially and morally forbidden to say
or talk about. Something untouchable.
It comes from the Polynesian word “tapua” meaning sacred menstrual flow.

The “untouchability” of menstruation is literally written into the word itself. Menstruation is often seen as something dirty and shameful, and our capitalistic patriarchal system has attached a financial burden to this monthly cycle as well.

The Tabu project includes a poster, zine and tote bag, the proceeds of which will purchase menstrual supplies for Bushwick residents. The zine exists to celebrate menstruation and the power it holds globally, historically, symbolically, and culturally.  

You can also donate an additional amount here:

See the chart below to see approximately how many
pads or tampons your purchase will provide.︎

Designed by Xena Brar / Written by Tara Ridgedell / link to sources