by Suyoung Yang

Omok is Suyoung Yang‘s first take on a modular typeface that they  started for a school project which eventually developed into a full character set in the past few years. The idea was to create the letters using a grid system and a kit of parts that are all made up of squares. Omok is a type of game (also known as Gomoku) that is played on a gridded board, which speaks to the shapes and grid system that they are using to build the letters. Just a disclaimer that the font does not include all the symbols and glyphs yet, as it wasn't made for any commercial use and it's rather an experiment and study on type design.




About Suyoung:

Suyoung Yang is a designer from Seoul who currently works/lives in Brooklyn. They have been working in design studios with a focus on branding while pursuing  personal book and type design projects. They are open to collaborations and commissions - feel free to reach out.

Suyoung has copies of the type specimen poster available - so if you're in NYC and interested contact them.

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