Modes of Being Together

A collective Riso Zine-making Workshop

Group Workshop

Two Dates:

July 8th &

August 12th

︎ Start Time: 1pm

Duration: 4 hrs
The best part of the independent publishing world is the people themselves and the sense of community. We talk about community a lot, but it deserves a closer look into what it really is and how you build it. Building community requires vulnerability, honesty, and a willingness to both give and receive. Discomfort is expected and embraced, but we know from practice that the discomfort is well worth the ultimate gain of connection and being known.

What you’ll do:
In this workshop participants will work with a partner to reflect and have a conversation. Each pair will record their answers in a zine page template and engage in some collaborative art making. We will then work together to print, collate and bind the pages into multiple copies of the zine.

What you’ll take home:
Participants will walk away with two copies of the zine. Participants should come open to sharing, discussing, learning and creating.

All materials included.

Please arrive on time, we cannot accommodate participants later than 15 minutes.