This digital-universal version of Andean Futuristic Manifesto by Alan Poma, was edited by Soma Publicaciones in April, 2020. 

︎︎︎ Andean Futurist Manifesto / Alan Poma connects the ideas of Russian Futurism (1913) with Andean cosmology. Developing methodologies that make art a tool for the invention of possible futures.

︎︎︎ According to the chronicles of Fernando de
Montesinos, the Inca Toca Corca Apu Capac established an astronomical teaching center in Cusco developing a system that helped to generate precise calendars for the Empire. However, the Incas themselves prohibited the use of written text, attributing them with negative magical powers.
︎︎︎ That is why Tupac Cauri Pachacuti, 60 years before the arrival of the Spaniards, limits the communication of information to geometric images and quipus.

︎︎︎These geometries, called tocapus, carry with them a code of geometric language that no Western science can read.

︎︎︎For Andean Futurism, the way to give life to that geometry is not trying to decipher its meaning in the past (that is what history and archeology is responsible for) nor in the present (that popular culture is responsible for that), but attributing us a meaning in the future.
︎︎︎This act results in the first instance a conceptual empowerment that can have a practical effect on reality.

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