Knust - “The pioneers of Riso Print”

Documentary Screening

July 13th

︎ Doors 7pm, Start Time: 7:30pm

Duration: 0:30 minutes

Free Entrance
2019 The Netherlands

The documentary tells the story of a post-fluxus art collective “Knust” founded in the 80’s during the large-scale squatter revolt in Nijmegen.
Since then the Knust artists have had international fame thanks to the authenticity of their colorful printed issues made with the Riso technique.

In this film we also follow the English illustrator, Charlotte Ager, during her residency at Extrapool, the headquarters of Knust. Alongside with her, we witness the making of a Riso printed art book and the incredible charm of this crafty technique.
Knust is an artist collective and independent publisher based in the city of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. It was started in 1984 by Jan Dirk de Wilde and, today, Joyce Guley and Astrid Florentinus also form the group. During its first years, Knust came to be a reference in stencil printing, using mimeographs. The artist collective purchased its first digital duplicator a few years later and, with the experience acquired over time, they host artists from several parts of the world in their space, Extrapool's building, which is now a multidisciplinary space. The environment consists of a graphic studio and a publishing house, a sound studio, an event room, and rooms for artistic residencies.

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