“Give Us Our Flowers: A Global Archive
of Queer POC Rebels.” 

In an effort to expand the narrative around Pride and push back on well-trod stereotypes, a range of
LGBTQ2IA+ voices at BUCK partnered to create “Give Us Our Flowers: A Global Archive of Queer POC Rebels.”

︎︎︎ Purpose:
With a focus on highlighting revolutionary, but often-forgotten, Queer POC, “Give Us Our Flowers” explores their struggles while celebrating the strength they summoned to fight for their rights.

Envisioned and designed by LGBTQ2IA+ voices at BUCK, each of our 26 spotlights features a custom illustration and biography. 100% of proceeds are given to The Stonewal Protests, The Triangle Project, and The Black Trans Art & Joy Fund.

We were excited to partner with BUCK to print this project! Each page was 4 colors and the range of tones and texture riso brought to the project made it feel extra special.

Flower Focus

“Give us our flowers while we are living” is an expression centering the importance to fully love and support Black Trans folk always, not just during times of tragedy, not just in death. Often heard at the Black Trans led Stonewall Protests that continue to this day, it’s a reminder that the push for LGBTQ2IA+ liberation must continue. In this zine, we honour both our predecessors and our contemporaries.

Blurred at its borders, our flower represents the haze around our histories and the need to sharpen the focus on the real stories at the center of it all.

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Check out the appendix here ︎ with more resources

Artist: Kyle Strope
Icon: Pine Leaf Woman Chief

"She was a Chief of the Crows and a warrior who brought an extended period of peace between her people and neighboring tribes. She identified as Two-Spirit, but chose to wear feminine clothing — this detail made me think she really knew who she was and didn't give a eff what other people thought. More evidence for this is in the fact that she took four wives.

I'm inspired by the storytelling found in a lot of Native American paintings, as well as the decorative patterns used in day-to-day objects like woven baskets and clothing. I tried to marry those two ideas in this illustration while playing with my own favorite tools.

In the end I just wanted to depict Pine Leaf Woman Chief as a BAMF, larger than life, confidently leading her multiple wives on horseback through a pine forest. I wondered if making the pine trees yellow in my illustration did some injustice to her jab at her wannabe male suitor, but the color was too pretty to resist."

Artist: Kuu Chen
Icon: Simon Nkoli

“Leslie was particularly iconic for his versatility both on stage and in cinema, and was considered ahead of his time, especially in Asia, which was (and is) very conservative. He once said, “The highest achievement for a performer is to embody both genders at the same time. 
For art itself is genderless,” so I wanted to portray him as an ethereal embodiment of his many iconic performances and looks, instead of sidelining him into just one. All those facets are refractions of his identity, one that goes beyond a singular understanding of gender.”

Source:︎ Buck.co