Cyanotype Workshop w/ Michelle Hernandez

Group Workshop

May 27th

︎ Start Time: 12pm

Duration:  3-4 hours

Discover the magic of cyanotype and create your own prints in our hands-on introductory workshop!

Join us as we explore the history and contemporary applications of this fascinating photographic printing process.

What you’ll do:
In this workshop, you'll learn how to mix the chemicals and coat paper or fabric with the cyanotype solution. We'll provide pre-made negatives from your digital files or encourage you to create your own designs using a variety of objects and materials. You'll then expose your prints to sunlight or UV light to produce the distinctive blue and white tones that cyanotype is known for. Our instructor will be on hand to provide guidance and feedback as you develop your skills and experiment with different techniques.

Please bring any special objects you’d like to print with (think: anything with levels of transparency, shape or texture—leaves, plants, feathers, glass, quartz, etc) or any digital files/ images you’d like to print on transparency (8.5x11) .  We will provide all other necessary materials.

What you’ll take home:
By the end of the workshop, you'll have a solid foundation in the cyanotype process and unique prints to take home. 

︎︎︎ Michelle Hernandez Vega is a multimedia artist from Brooklyn, NY with a background in photography and video. Her loves include her dog Xena, gardening, and all things kitschy.

Please arrive on time, we cannot accommodate participants later than 15 minutes.