American Standard

Text & edited by Christina H Appel
Published by Secret Riso Club

60 pages
Size: 6x18”
First Edition

This is a running list of imperialist interventions resulting in death, destruction, violence and lingering catastrophe perpetrated by the U.S. government. It is in no way comprehensive or complete.

Don’t be fooled by the callousness of the listed format of these events; these are acts of violence whether physical or in the form of poisoned barbs that spread destruction; repressing autonomy, creativity and change. Crushing dreams of a different world. Tentacles of evil laced missions laying waste to humanity’s hopes for life.

Throughout its history, the United States government has been involved in a multitude of interventions around the globe. The U.S. has engaged in almost 400 military interventions between 1776 and 2023; half of these operations took place after 1950 and over a quarter after the Cold War.

This list reads like a wayward traffic controller’s log; faulty & brazen like a chronological manual of imperialist thirst. These acts are often practically unknown to U.S. residents and their effects easily missed in everyday life. U.S. imperialism began as expansionist genocide in North America and has continued to evolve & mutate into an endless almost standardized series of violent acts.

Note: This list does not pretend to be definitive or absolutely complete. Nor does it seek to explain or interpret the interventions. Note that US operations in World Wars I and II have been excluded.

This is the American standard.