︎ Tins & Skins

by Lia Braswell

Lia Braswell (Van Nuys, CA, 1991) is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who started her musical odyssey at age 8. After unconventional training in a variety of styles from funk and gospel to jazz and classical in her youth, Lia cut her teeth in L.A.s DIY scene, playing in punk bands at venues like The Smell and Pehrspace as a teenager before embarking on 10 years of touring with a diverse rotation of legendary acts. Her experience playing in a wide variety of musical styles defined her eclectic taste which has culminated with her kaleidoscopic solo project Lalande.

Tins and Skins, written by musician and artist Lia Braswell, is a comprehensive guide to those curious about drumming and wanting to learn about the practice from a new perspective. In the book, Lia shares her favorite drummers and her experience as a female drummer as well as exercises and form instruction for those starting out.

“This is a guide for anyone who is curious about how to
start playing drums, as well as my persona journey in relationship with the instrument. It is a combination of methods learned in over 20 years of studying with teachers, listening to records, an channeling life experiences. It has been a personal voyage into self-expression and discovering community. It took a lot of discipline, repetition, and showing up when I experience resistance. It became a part of me. I could not go a day without it. It was my only source of therapy. Drums can be a way of surrendin to the inner child that just wants to play all day. It is holistic. I hope it can be for you, as well.”

Designed by Gonzalo Guerrero
Printed & Published by Secret Riso Club.

44 Pages
Size: 8x10”

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