Customer Copy

by Sarah Lutkenhaus
Printed and Published by Secret Riso Club

"Customer Copy" is a compilation that delves into the intricate web of human interactions with money, evolving from a personal introspection into a vast and non-hierarchical exploration of value, consumption, and the essence of human nature. It serves as more than a mere collection of quotes—it emerges as a collective narrative, a symphony of voices engaged in an ongoing discussion. Each statement, carefully curated and thoughtfully presented, contributes to a shared dialogue aimed at distilling critical information. In doing so, the book offers a potent tool for resistance, counteracting the problems inherent in capitalist systems.  

“This book started as an inquiry into my relationship with money. It grew into a rhizomatic exploration of value, consumption, and human nature. My research unearthed individuals from different times and planes of existence but with unmistakable commonalities. I’ve been exploring these ideas through the format of receipts and ephemera of commerce. My hope is to distill and disseminate critical information to resist and counter the problems of capitalism. I wanted to present these statements as a collective narrative that is an open and ongoing discussion.”  - Sarah Lutkenhaus

44 pages
Edition of 200

Designed And Compiled by Sarah Lutkenhaus
Typeset In Quaxiculo And Courier
Printed And Published By Secret Riso Club
2023 Brooklyn, New York


3d animation by giselle angeles  ︎ / ︎ @fragmatista